Here I Bow

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Unless I am convinced by Scripture and plain humility--I do not accept the authority of the I-lost-count-how-many Protestant denominations and the sprawling bazaar of "Christian" books, for they have gone to the next level in unending contradictions of each other, vastly eclipsing of the the child's play of Popes and Councils Luther complained about--my conscience is captive to the Holy Church that is inseparable from Christ the Word of God. I will not trade a "wall of paper" drawn from saints for a "wall of paper" drawn from the dragon's milk of historical-critical scholarship. I will not go out of the frying pan, into the thermite. I cannot and I will not recant her Tradition for to go against the collected experience of Orthodox Christians and my holy guardian angel is neither right nor safe. Here I bow. I can do no other. Lord have mercy on me. Amen.