Odds and Ends, Curiosities and Creative Works

55 New Maxims for the Cyber-Quarantine

Fr. Tom Hopko wrote a famed "55 maxims." Here is an offer of a new "55 maxims" that are not as elegant, but have everything to say to our present cyber-quarantine.

Apprentice gods

This life represents a tremendously important apprenticeship. It has been said that birth and death are an inch apart, but the ticker tape goes on forever. This is a work about how to best use this precious life.

The Arena

The race of mankind stands in an arena before God, angels, and demons. This collection of short chapters unfolds what the arena is like.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

This looks at the real treasures to be found in life's hard lessons and experiences.

Exotic Golden Ages and Restoring Harmony with Nature: Anatomy of a Passion

A look at a historical paradox about how trying to reclaim ancient glory breaks continuity with both the immediate past and the ancient past as well.

Fire in the Hole

In a theology class, the professor asks for something to compare God to, and the students say, "Porn." Here is how the professor replies.

Game Review: Meatspace

A game review for something that eclipses all games. Possibly to be read alongside Escape.

God the Spiritual Father

A look at God the Father through the eyes of the love of a monastic spiritual father.

Here I Bow

A revisited look at Martin Luther's famed words.

St. John the Much-Suffering

St. John the Much-Suffering is a great friend in fighting carnal sins. You can print an icon of him from this page.

Knights and Ladies

This creative nonfiction is a look at the separate qualities associated with men and with women.

The Luddite's Guide to Technology

This is a piece I tried and failed to write before becoming Orthodox, but wrote when I was ready to write such a piece.

A New Term?

A change of term is proposed for some truly unfortunate souls.

A Note to the Reader

About how much I as an author care for you as a reader.

Orthodox Affirmations

A set of exhortations far better than those opted for by modern psychology.

An Orthodox Bookshelf

This is a shelf of essential books for Orthodox Christians.

Orthodox Theology and Technology: A Profoundly Gifted Autobiography

For those interested in reading my autobiography.

Orthodoxy, Contraception, and Spin Doctoring: A Look at an Influential but Disturbing Article

This article is long and detailed, and went viral when it was posted.

Refutatio Omnium Haeresium

A high-context look at the refutation of all heresies.

Religion Within the Bounds of Amusement

A parody of religious worship made in the image of... television.

Rules of Engagement

A set of rules for engagement with present circumstances.

A Strange Archaeological Find

A science fiction satire looking at an email much odder than it first appears.

To a Friend

This was a letter to a friend about riches that were no less unavailable to the friend than to the author.

Will There be a Place for Me?

A question which has been on my mind much in former days is, "Will there be a place for me?" This article looks about how there has always been a place for me.